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My journey with Carozza Fitness started over eight years ago – a friend told me about the greatest trainer in the world (aka Mike Carozza) and with a big birthday coming up at that time I challenged Mike to get me in to the best shape of my life! He kicked my ass, I achieved my goal and I got hooked on CF during the process. I remember being very skeptical of the idea of Paleo, and very skeptical of ‘healthy eating’ as I felt myself to be quite a healthy eater already…..  Fast forward 8 years and like most people the pandemic had upended my life, and without even realizing it I’d become so much more sedentary – piling on some pounds, enjoying a glass of wine each evening, and eating portions that were generous to say the least. This year, with my birthday around the corner again, I decided to set myself an OMT challenge to be the same end-weight as I was aged 25 and to commit to the 8 weeks of Spring OMT. I’m someone that really thrives on structure. Filling in my daily food log, and sending it to Mike for comment, ensured I made good choices. At the beginning of the 8 weeks I was eating way too much sugar (from fruit, mainly) and so after week one I cut my intake of fruit right back, and increased the amount of vegetables instead. I signed up for a minimum of 5 classes a week, and if my work schedule allowed I would Zoom in to Danielle’s Abs Classes as well. Every week I consistently lost a couple of pounds, and every day I felt lighter, and more energized too. OMT is a brilliant way to get on track, and to give yourself a roadmap for healthy day to day living. Whatever your age, whatever your size, whatever your goals – who doesn’t want to feel as good as you possibly can? For me regular daily exercise helps to keep me sane, and eating healthier foods helps me wake up each morning with a spring in my step! Thank you Carozza Fitness and OMT for showing me the way to live a healthy, active lifestyle whatever stage of life you may be at! I owe you so much!
1.  What were your goals coming into the 8-week challenge?
My goals coming in to the 8 week challenge was to get back on track. Like most people during the pandemic I’ve been working from home, and my whole weekly schedule has been upended. I needed some structure, and some ‘rules’ to follow, and I knew from experience how well eating strict paleo suits me! I wanted to lose weight (to be back to the weight I was when I was 25!) and feel less sluggish. I wanted my clothes to feel comfortable to wear, not just the leggings that had become my daily go-to-outfit.

2.  How many days/week did you workout?
I worked out at minimum 5 times a week, with the additional Abs remote classes on top, if work allowed. I also gained a new puppy, who loves to walk a couple of times a day, so on top of my Carozza workouts I have to walk around 4 miles per day too.

How many of the 56 food logs over the 8-weeks did you send in?
I logged my food every single day. Sometimes I’d forget to send it to Mike, but I definitely filled it in religiously every single day. Being accountable for what passed my lips made me much more considered in what I chose. I stuck to just 1200 calories per day, and have to admit I was hungry a lot of the time. But I would turn to a hot cup of tea, or a glass of lemon water, or find something else to do to distract myself. I also listened to a food-attitude podcast on Headspace  by chance on day one of OMT that questioned why I was eating – was I hungry, or sad, or bored, or stressed? More often than not I’d turn to food for ‘something to do’ not usually because I was actually hungry! It was a great question to ask myself as I prowled my kitchen in search….!

What were you biggest challenges?
I had several challenges. Chocolate is a weakness of mine, and with Easter falling within the 8 weeks of OMT I was definitely hangry that I would be missing out on those yummy Cadbury Cream Eggs! However, I decided to have a full cheat-day while I hosted Easter dinner with family and friends, and allowed myself to indulge in wine and dessert and chocolate. I then got straight back on track the next day. A few days later I tested positive for COVID. Yes, despite being fully vaccinated, I succumbed. I took to my bed for a week feeling sniffly and fatigued, but I still logged my food every day and although I missed working out I did not have the energy to even do a workout from home.

Has your fitness improved?
Yes my fitness has improved. My New Year resolution for 2021 was to push myself to choose a heavier weight than I instinctively chose – to not take the easier option, and to strive to get stronger. I have also taken up running again – just a couple of miles a day to increase my general fitness. I’ve done personal bests on bench press, and back squats, and weighted lunges; and did a workout with true Toes To Bar. I still have a ton of things I want to achieve though so it’s a constant work in progress.

What would you say to anyone interested in committing to a challenge like OMT?
DO IT! If you have a goal(s) in mind OMT is a fantastic way to strive to reach it. As Mike always says, if you cheat you’re only cheating yourself. The daily food log really makes you think twice about what you’re eating and drinking, and the daily number of calories you’re meant to be intaking are surprisingly few; a reminder of portion control was really helpful for me. With summer coming up, and a trip to Florida planned for the end of May, I’m bikini ready and feeling more positive about myself than I have in a while. Being accountable to myself for my Carozza class attendance was also a great motivator. The package of healthy eating and regular exercise is a winning formula.
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