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These classes are performance oriented sessions for athletes and non-athletes wishing to develop effective mobility and flexibility strategies, improve ideal athlete positioning and movement set-up, and implement whole-body maintenance practices thus decreasing the chance of injury. Members will understand how to: Improve force production, increase work outputs, avoid common and preventable movement dysfunction and injury, and understand how to address simple performance related myo-fascial and joint mobility issues.


Improve understanding of key anatomical elements as they relate to functional movement, and as performance limiters. 

What will this class do for you?


  • Move better 

  • Remain Injury Proof

  • How to Understand and End Your Athletic Pain


Class Goals:


Increase awareness of “best-fit” biomechanical set-up and movement strategies for optimal work and force outputs.


Understand movement compromise strategies for specific movement outcomes.


Develop an understanding of common movement dysfunctions and a systematic model for addressing common problems associated with strength and conditioning training.

  • Develop effective abdominal/spine stabilization strategies

  • Understand and apply neuro-muscular stretching methods

  • Understand methods to improve overhead positioning and efficacy

  • Develop methods to address common myo-fascial pain/dysfunction

  • Understand how to treat soft tissue injuries

  • Develop better movement preparation strategies

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