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Mobility Class is all about dedicating time to care for your body and soft tissue to promote better movement and improved functional range of motion. Consider this as guided self-care; a practice crucial to your athletic and fitness development. Expect this class to “hurt so good” while you roll, floss, and stretch your way to true functional improvement.

Why Mobility?
In order to unlock the full range of athletic potential and perform movements safely and efficiently you need to be able to move through a full range of motion and create stability in end-range positions. Over time poor movement, injury, and stationary positions cause our tissues to change and shorten, often resulting in decreased mobility. At CF, we understand that primary impairments are at the shoulder, hip, and ankle. Our mobility class combines soft tissue work with static stretching and stability work to unlock range of motion that has been lost over time and improve positioning.

Self-care also means decreasing soreness and injury risk. The primary influencers in this regard are tissue quality and joint function. Targeted mobility work can also be preventative maintenance for your body to keep you feeling fit and fresh while you recover from intense bouts of exercise or repetitive motion sports like running, cycling or swimming. This class has a strong educational component, as the skills and techniques you learn can be used at home on an ongoing basis to address soreness and problem solve any nagging issues.

What will a class be like?
Expect to use a variety of implements and techniques to accomplish a lot of work! Our primary tools will be foam rollers, bands, lacrosse balls and mats, but active release therapy can make use of any equipment or object that can get into the right nooks of the body. Trigger point work and static stretching will make up the bulk of the class as we move from one problem area to the next. You’ll leave feeling limber; his class is an excellent option as active recovery on your rest days or as a second helping to an earlier workout because of its extremely low-intensity nature.

We currently offer mobility class on Sundays @ 10am – and they are open to anyone, no experience level required;  Visit to for a trial class. 


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