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Just Results: Endurance



There are more similarities than differences between Just Results: Strength & Conditioning and Just Results: Endurance, but the main difference is that in Just Results: Endurance, there’s an absence of heavy barbell work and technical movements such as the Olympic Lifts. In that way, Just Results: Endurance is more of a continuous, fast-paced workout, with less breaks, and not a lot of “learned” movements or technical knowledge.

With Just Results: Endurance you will develop your: 

  • endurance

  • stamina

  • strength

  • speed

All of these will benefit any athlete looking to perform their sport at a higher capacity for a longer period of time.

For this reason, our Just Results: Endurance classes particularly benefit our endurance athletes such as runners, bikers, and triathlon competitors. This class is also recommended to newer or less experienced athletes.

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