Covid-19 Polices and Procedures

1.  Zen planner will be our main hub for all class offerings, RSVP’s, workouts and important daily communication.  We strongly advise everyone to get comfortable using this platform starting today.

2.  To off-set new operating expenses all NEW and re-activated membership rates will be increased in 2 phases.  Everyone that remained active through the shutdown will be grandfathered at their same monthly rate.  This is the only way I can say thank you at this time for saving us and allowing us to move forward in the best way possible.

3.  Classes will be limited to a certain amount of people (more details to come) making early RSVPs and cancellation policies a must and firmly enforced.

4.  Time will be needed for cleaning before/after class making early arrivals important…don’t be the last one in!!

5.  Additional classes will be added which you can check out on the ZP app soon.

6.  Open Hours will need to be scheduled in advance similar to private training.

7.  NEW waivers and contracts will be added to all ZP profiles which will need to be submitted prior to coming back in.

8.  No kids will be allowed inside the gym for the time being.

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