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Carozza Fitness will deliver a top level Private Training and Group Fitness experience to the members of our community. We will improve the quality of life for anyone looking to become healthier, stronger and faster.  Carozza Fitness prides itself on utilizing programing that is directly related to daily life functions. Our team of highly skilled, dedicated professionals will devote themselves to helping you reach any goal. We will consistently work to provide an inviting, all-inclusive, yet challenging wellness environment.  


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Mike and his staff are the best.  Great facility.  Great coaches.  Workouts that challenge all levels. The community is second to none. I came to workout but have stayed because of people.  I have never felt more at home than I do when I walk through the doors at Carozza Fitness

Jay Higgins


Carozza Fitness is a fun gym for athletes of all ages and abilities. They offer a variety of classes each day so there is truly something for every level athlete. The space is amazing, with plenty of room and equipment for even the larger group classes. The coaching staff is knowledgeable and supportive in helping every member evolve towards their fitness goals whatever those might be in a fun, motivating, positive atmosphere!

Bridget Daley


If you’re serious about fitness, this is the place to come. Mike is encouraging and positive and works with everyone from beginners to cross fit veterans. I’m healthier, I’m stronger, aches and pains are mostly a thing of the past and I can work out with my (fit) adult children. We’ve all heard “no pain no gain”’ll work hard but the results are tangible. As Mike says, “no excuses, just results.”

Barbara Arenz


Carozza Fitness / Crossfit Rippowam is the best gym ('scuse me, box) around. Some crossfit gyms have limited class times or focus too much on one sort of class. Not Carozza. There are crossfit classes, Just Results (same movements, lighter weights, higher reps, typically longer), Just results ROW (add in C2 row ergs), yoga, and mobility. There are also plenty of cardio machines, and there's lots of time for open hours if you want to do your own thing. Coaches are all fantastic--Mike, Danielle, Dan, Dave (there are others, but those are the ones for the classes I go to)--they're very focused on proper form and pushing you to do a little bit more than you think you can. The facility is great--big, open floor, locker rooms, lounge area. You can get Kettlebell Kitchen meals delivered there. On top of all that, Mike is always interested in helping in the community. I brought my Cub Scouts to CF one day to do a badge on fitness. While other scouts were doing some outdated compilation of situps and pushups, our boys were doing a 7 minute AMRAP WOD, complete with burpees and sled pushes. I asked for a donation for my other son's high school rugby team fundraiser, and Mike didn't flinch. I asked, and he's putting together a class for my older son's Boy Scout group who will be training for a 100 mile backpacking trip in New Mexico next summer. You can't ask for better customer service. The rates for this gym are definitely fair--perhaps even a bit lower than other crossfit gyms (I have the annual membership, which brings the monthly cost well below other gyms in the area). Come on in, you won't be sorry!

Lee Bowbeer


"Here's what I've learned..."

It went on like a light switch. Just like that.

I'm sitting at dinner last night in a beautiful restaurant with wonderful company.

After my paleo cocktail of tequila soda and lime, the much dreaded bread man makes his way to our table with a basket of home made breads. Warm, beautiful and ready for the taking. What's not to love about a basket full of bread?  But here's what happened in the moments after I said "no thank you". I finally realized I'm in charge.'i know it sounds crazy but I finally understood that the responsibility, all of it, is mine on what I eat and how I treat my body. I can't explain it to you on what this "aha" moment was like. Those three little words "no thank you" changed everything for me. Everything I've been working for just came together: all the sweat, the food journals, the discipline, the cravings. All of it. It just came into this empowering moment for me and my entire being just shifted. It's not even about OMT anymore, it's about how I treat myself each and every day and knowing that I deserve this.

And I can't imagine not having you in my corner. You are the reason I am here today, tall proud and wearing a size 10. You have taught me so much and I can't imagine my life without you in it.

Thank you for it all, and thank you for what we haven't even shared yet. 

This is it, I'm never going back. Ever.


January 10, 2017

Mike's training program has changed my life.  After dealing with years of downtime from injuries and surgeries, I realized it was absolutely crucial to rehab not only my knees, but my entire body.  The results I've made are nothing short of miraculous.  I have gained in strength, agility, balance, core strength and flexibility.  I have never been so motivated, not only to workout, but to work harder and more efficiently.  Mike's intuitive style, strict emphasis on safety and form, and ability to simultaneously focus on short as well as long term goals is astounding.  For example, after recovering from ACL replacement & meniscus repair in late summer, I was able to ski and snowshoe by early winter.  Mike's training is tough, but fair and fun -- always challenging, always different -- he pushes you past where you think you can go, and your results are your reward.  I am 40, with the body & heart rate of a 20 year old, in the best shape of my life, and have an amazing level of confidence that I did not think possible.  "Life is a journey, not a destination", and I look forward kicking ass every step of the way.  Thanks, Mike!!!!!


February 7, 2016

Carozza Products Stamford, CT
Carozza Fitness Products Stamford, CT

55 Crescent St

Stamford, CT 06906

Tel: 203.561.0493



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