Mike's training program has changed my life.  After dealing with years of downtime from injuries and surgeries, I realized it was absolutely crucial to rehab not only my knees, but my entire body.  The results I've made are nothing short of miraculous.  I have gained in strength, agility, balance, core strength and flexibility.  I have never been so motivated, not only to workout, but to work harder and more efficiently.  Mike's intuitive style, strict emphasis on safety and form, and ability to simultaneously focus on short as well as long term goals is astounding.  For example, after recovering from ACL replacement & meniscus repair in late summer, I was able to ski and snowshoe by early winter.  Mike's training is tough, but fair and fun -- always challenging, always different -- he pushes you past where you think you can go, and your results are your reward.  I am 40, with the body & heart rate of a 20 year old, in the best shape of my life, and have an amazing level of confidence that I did not think possible.  "Life is a journey, not a destination", and I look forward kicking ass every step of the way.  Thanks, Mike!!!!!


February 8th, 2016

"Here's what I've learned..."

It went on like a light switch. Just like that.

I'm sitting at dinner last night in a beautiful restaurant with wonderful company.

After my paleo cocktail of tequila soda and lime, the much dreaded bread man makes his way to our table with a basket of home made breads. Warm, beautiful and ready for the taking. What's not to love about a basket full of bread?  But here's what happened in the moments after I said "no thank you". I finally realized I'm in charge.'i know it sounds crazy but I finally understood that the responsibility, all of it, is mine on what I eat and how I treat my body. I can't explain it to you on what this "aha" moment was like. Those three little words "no thank you" changed everything for me. Everything I've been working for just came together: all the sweat, the food journals, the discipline, the cravings. All of it. It just came into this empowering moment for me and my entire being just shifted. It's not even about OMT anymore, it's about how I treat myself each and every day and knowing that I deserve this.

And I can't imagine not having you in my corner. You are the reason I am here today, tall proud and wearing a size 10. You have taught me so much and I can't imagine my life without you in it.

Thank you for it all, and thank you for what we haven't even shared yet. 

This is it, I'm never going back. Ever.



January 10th, 2017

I started Carozza Fitness last October (been a year – WOOHOO!) after leaving another gym after a horrible experience. I almost gave up working out completely (imagine ME giving up my fitness?!). Luckily I reached out to G who introuduced me to the Carozza family. I was so hesitant and had such a guard up starting CF til I realized this gym was completely different. The trainers and members actually care, really truly. And at the same time they kick my ass in that gym, challenge my weight choices and weaknesses (my core!). I came in with a bit of knowledge but a year later I have learned so much from Mike and his team about kettlebells and barbells that I’m actually educated and a GAZILLION times stronger. I see it, Mike sees it – then he makes me get a heavier weight…I love it!! Fast forward to signing up for Tough Mudder in February…I still didn’t even know everybody at the gym but I had been wanting to do the race so I figured – why not? I had no idea it would turn into one of the best experiences of my life with the best group of people….we were on a mission, every single one of us…to finish…together. Mission accomplished people!! Being able to run the majority of that race after all the running I had done was such a huge payoff for me. I was nervous when I saw my team, I was so nervous I wouldnt be able to keep up but I did and for that I am so proud! But I also know that if I had to stop or needed a break, they all would have waited for me. On the other side seeing so many teammates like Rose and G and Helen conquer fears….amazing…watching Joanne NOT give up on that very very first wall before we even started and getting over…priceless! Seeing Mike let himself get muddy and dirty…heartwarming (lol – sorry, I had to)! In all seriousness, this is something I’ll never forget and I know I’ve made lifelong friends at this gym. A gym that kinda saved my sanity a year ago. Mike, Doug, Sweet Scuba Baby Phil – thanks for getting our ass in gear and helping us tear up that course…can’t wait til the next!!"


Darcey T.

March 21st, 2012

I have been one of Mike Carozza's clients for five years.  Mike has taught me about the importance of exercise and how by making this a regular part of your routine, you can become a better person. I have worked with Mike on everything from weight training programs to a variety of exercises to improve strength to flexibility training which has affected my entire body. Mike's professionalism and patience has given me a very positive outlook on life and a good attitude when it comes to facing the many challenges that occur from day to day. I would recommend Mike Carozza for anyone that wishes to better him/herself.


April 2nd, 2015

I have been training with Mike for five years and have never been in better shape.  He is an exceptional trainer and person who designs countless exercise programs specifically for my needs and ability.  His repertoire of exercises is geared toward strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.  We discuss diet, lifestyle, and health supplements, as he works on my total fitness.  Mike trains my entire family and is in a class of his own!!! 


June 2014

I herniated two disks in 2001 when I had first moved to Stamford. I was in bed for three months. After three months I went back to work part time but I was told that I would never run, play tennis or play tennis again. I was depressed and gained over 75 pounds in the next six months. I was unable to do any of the activities that I enjoyed. I met Mike Corozza and in 2008 I started working out with him. In 2008 I was diagnosed with CAD. My carotid arteries were blocked 60 – 70% on both sides. My doctor told me that it would never get better but I could keep it from getting worse. My cholesterol was really high and so was my blood pressure. Mike had told me that I could do everything that the doctors said that I couldn’t. I decided to participate in the second Operation Muffin Top. I have continued to participate in all of the OMTs. I have lost 10 – 15 pounds in every contest. This OMT I have lost 12 pounds and I am 15 pounds away from my goal weight. At this point in my life my blood pressure is normal and so is my cholesterol. The greatest achievement was that my blockage in my carotid arteries is completely gone. I am healthy and I have work out six days a week. I can run, play tennis and do all of the things that the doctors said that I would never do. I turn 60 in 3 months and I am healthier that I was 20 years ago. Thank you Mike,


Jenn B.

May 22, 2007

"I did it, yup; I earned my 2nd bright orange Tough Mudder head band. Something I realized is that there’s such a great feeling crossing a finish line with a TEAM that has got your back every step of the way. SHOUT OUT TO DOUG CAHILL who I kept hearing in my head all night “Let’s GO G”. To my team mates waiting for me as I get out of the numerous water obstacles (did I mention I have a fear of heights) Now I know too many it may not seem like such an accomplishment but to me it was. I didn’t do this obstacle in TM Mt. Snow 2011 and on Saturday that was my GOAL. So many people have completed this obstacle course, so it may not seem like such a difficult feat. But it’s so much more than that. Anyone can go through those obstacles (or opt out of them) and finish the 12+ miles. For me, it sort of symbolized how far I’ve come in life. It wasn’t just 12 miles for me. My body, my mentality, my strength, everything…I have grown so much. Crossing that finish line was like the icing on my cake. Very proud moment now what if I hadn’t even tried it because I was scared or doubted myself? I wouldn’t have known that I could do it. There’s such a sense of accomplishment, and not just about training hard for whatever it is you are working on — but more about yourself as a whole. You believed in me! Thanks Carozza TM Team Mates!!"


May 22nd, 2013

“I joined Carozza Fitness 6 and a half years ago…. I was nearing my 50th birthday and gave Mike Carozza the challenge “Get me looking and feeling the best that I can”! I joined OMT, worked out vigorously, and listened steadfastly to Mike’s advice. My transformation – inside and out – was dramatic, and 6 years later I decided it was time for a tune up!  Even though I’d continued to work out regularly – 5 times a week on average, with added bike rides, runs, and tennis thrown in on occasion – my eating and drinking had got a little out of hand!  I had done OMT before, and knew I could do it again. Paleo eating works really well for me, and I enjoy it. So…. I signed up for the Summer OMT and knew I had 8 weeks of hard work and discipline ahead of me. I immediately turned to strict paleo eating again – lots of protein, vegetables, fruit, almond milk, all were easy to make and delicious. I discovered plant-based yogurts, crackers, and snacks that are delicious.  I did no meal prep, but made sure I had protein to hand, easy to eat and staisfying, so I didn’t have to turn to junk when I was out and about. I said no to all alcohol, turning instead to ice cold water with a slice of lemon, or green tea or even a coffee…. It’s easier than you think. I was used to having a glass of wine each night, and on weekends a couple of cocktails thrown in. I am also a chocolate lover. I would say alcohol and chocolate are my two big weaknesses. Nope. An 8 week detox was in order!!!!  I logged my calories every day – everything that passed my mouth went in to the app. I stuck to 1200 calories a day. Danielle was my coach during the 8 weeks, and she would waste no time telling me what I was and wasn’t doing well. Every time I reached for a handful of almonds, or wondered about that bar of chocolate, I would think twice – how would I log this, and what would Danielle say!!!!  I was only going to be cheating myself!  What I have come to realize is that working out is just one piece of the puzzle. Eating healthy is the other. As I get older it’s harder to keep those extra pounds off, even with working out each day and staying active.  Combine exercise with healthier eating and for me the pounds dropped off; each day I felt more energetic, healthier, younger. I had a spring in my step and no longer felt so tired and sluggish. At week five I plateaued for a week – not losing any weight – but the following week the scales dipped again. I didn’t allow myself to be derailed – even through birthdays, graduations, girls’ trips, family vacation. No Excuses Just Results. The support of Carozza Fitness and the community was immense, and I would say to anyone – walk through the door, speak to the coaches, ask for help, join us, don’t be afraid, and just start. Seriously. If I can do it you can too. And you will be so much happier in every aspect of your life.



July 2019

"Mike Carozza is --quite simply--at the top of the class when it comes to fitness training. Supurbly dedicated, endlessly creative in approach, and with boundless energy, Mike has worked with every member of our family for the past 22 years. Each of us gets Mike's personal attention and custom-tailored program. From a hard-driving "go hard or go home" session to a more "relaxed" hour of flexibility and stretching work--no time with Mike is a bad time. Nearly sixty years after my college years, Mike got me back on the hockey rink, and in the goal, with confidence and decent competence for someone 70+ in age. He has helped everyone else in the family reach their fitness and athletic goals as well. From developing better balance and strength in golf to speed and stamina in cross country running, or improving bat-speed in baseball.....Mike helps you do it all. A wonderful person, a great friend---Mike Carozza is a world-class personal trainer. The "Best" as far as I'm concerned!".    


Brandon Sweitzer

November 2019

 “….unparalleled highly interactive virtual training….”


During COVID I made a commitment to improve my physical wellbeing, and exercising at my home with Mike’s virtually coaching, was one of the best self investments I made.

Thanks to Mike’s well-established profession, exceptional interpersonal skills and ability to relate to others, he repeatedly brings forth unparalleled highly interactive virtual training. 

It is clear to me that Mike’s passion to help  others is what strives Carozza Fitness success, and  makes him second to none coach and the leader in the fitness industry.   

Living out of state,  and haven’t met Mike in person, I am impress by his talent to motivate and inspire me during our virtual trainings, and can only imagine its magneto  in-person. His powerful authentic demeaner make him a great role model and coach  for young athletes, and I am grateful for having him coaching my 16 year-old son.

No matter your age or the size of your fitness goals, you want to be train with the best, and Mike and his team overdelivers what is needed to reach your desire destination. 

                                                Hats off Carozza Fitness team