Barbell Basics

BARBELL BASICS is a necessity for any athlete using Barbells in their practice. It covers the correct and safe use of the barbell in depth and will enable you to derive the immense benefits of this fabulous tool.


This barbell course was designed out of necessity. The barbell is one of the most powerful tools for developing strength and power. It is the key tool in a majority of hypertrophy and strength and conditioning programs.

This class emphasises technical power based movements such as cleans and snatches. It teaches you how to break these movements into easy to learn phases that can be easily understood by varying fitness levels.

A key feature of BARBELL BASICS is the emphasis on learning the key positions and understanding the nuances as to why these positions are important. You will also learn why there are different methods to complete lifts and the different impacts they have on the body. Factors such as grip, torque, types of bars, programming and mobility are explained in length.

This course will give you enormous confidence during barbell exercises. You will be able to learn complicated lifts with ease following our teaching systems.




  • You will get your clients stronger and more powerful.

  • You will be able to instruct technical movements with confidence.

  • You will stand out as a trainer as you impart this knowledge and construct effective programs.

  • Your clients will be raving fans as they move better, become more powerful and increase their strength significantly.

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